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What Is the Diet for Children with Nephrotic Syndrome

2013-10-17 15:42

What Is the Diet for Children with Nephrotic SyndromeWhat is the diet for children with Nephrotic Syndrome? Children suffering from Nephrotic Syndrome need to be very careful about their daily diet, as foods they eat affect their illness condition directly. In reality, parents are responsible for children’ diet, so once children are diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome, their parents must know how to arrange a diet for them.

About protein

Nephrotic Syndrome is an illness that affects kidney condition by increasing the permeability of glomerular filtration membrane which is responsible for separating nutrition and wastes. With the increase of permeability of glomerular filtration membrane, many substances like protein leak into urine. This explains why Nephrotic Syndrome patients have serious protein leakage. To have a tight control about protein in urine, some children are asked to reduce protein intake, and some others are suggested to eat more protein to replenish protein lost in urine. How much protein is needed by a child with Nephrotic Syndrome depends on patients’ specific illness. (You can send your child’s test report to we can help you figure out how much protein is needed by your child)

About fluid

Serious protein leakage makes plasma osmotic pressure decrease, and thus causes fluid retention. At the very beginning, edema may only appear around the eyelid, in the face, inside the ankles and limbs. However, with the aggravation of illness, swelling may spread to the whole body. Under such a condition, children suffering from Nephrotic Syndrome need to limit fluid intake, including soup.

About salt

Foods high in salt should be excluded from the diet for children with Nephrotic Syndrome, as high salt diet will aggravate swelling or edema. Therefore, while cooking, parents need to add less salt. Also, children with Nephrotic Syndrome need to stay far away from pickles, pickled foods, processed foods and sauce.

About fat

When large amounts of protein are lost from urine, liver will secrete lipoprotein, which can cause hyperlipemia. Under such a condition, low-fat diet is needed. To achieve this goal, children with Nephrotic Syndrome need to eat less greasy foods and try to eat more fruits and vegetables.

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