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Meal Plans for Nephrotic Syndrome

2013-10-24 15:53

Proper meal plans can slow the progression to kidney failure, so choose what to eat is very important for kidney disease patients. Here is a meal plan for Nephrotic Syndrome.

Protein needs

Because patients with Nephrotic Syndrome have the symptom of heavy proteinuria and low hypoproteinemia, it is necessary to consume proper protein to supply the lost protein, but it should not be too much. Besides, patients are suggested to take high quality protein food, which has few metabolites, such as:

- Egg white

- Fish

- Milk

- Lean meat

- Pulses

Sodium intake

Because patients with Nephrotic Syndrome have the symptom of edema, it is necessary to eat some low sodium diet to get rid of heavily edema. The foods should be avoided:

Condiments (such as ketchup, barbecue sauce, steak sauce, etc)

- Processed meat products

- Snack foods

- Canned soups

- Canned vegetables

Fat or cholesterol intake

Because patients with Nephrotic Syndrome have the symptom of hyperlipidemia, it is necessary to control the intake of fat or cholesterol. Therefore, the following foods should be avoided:

Fried foods such as French fries, cookies and crackers

Processed meat such as sausages and lamb

Fast foods that include cheese hamburger

Seafood such as lobsters and oil packed fish

Dairy products like ice-cream, cheese, margarine and butter

However, you can choose some foods that contain rich omega-3 fatty acids, such as:

- Flaxseed

- Canola oil

- Olive oil

- Soy nuts

- Walnuts

An example diet for Nephrotic Syndrome( For a patient of 50kg)

At breakfast, you can eat an egg whites, a bag of milk, 50g flour, 15g white sugar and 200g apple.

At lunch, you can eat 50g lean meat, 200g cabbage, 50g pakchoi, 25g pancit canton, 100g flour and 200g pear.

At supper, you can eat 100g rice, 75g lean meat, 250g white gourd, 25g pancit canton and 200g apple.

Because everyone has different tastes and illness conditions, this remedy is not suitable for all. You can make appropriate adjustments according to your own situation. What to eat and how much you can eat, you had better consult nutritionist to make a specific dietary.

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