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Do I Have to Start Dialysis with 4.9 Creatinine Nephrotic Syndrome

2014-07-04 10:07

Nephrotic SyndromeOnce we got an inquiry from one Nephrotic Syndrome patient, he asked, “Do I have to start dialysis with 4.9 creatinine?” To help people who have similar doubt, we provide detailed explanation as below. Read on or consult our online doctor to learn more.

Do you have to start dialysis with 4.9 creatinine in Nephrotic Syndrome?

Actually, the answer is “NO”, because alternative natural options have been developed in China to help better manage this kidney disorder. The systematic treatment is known as Top Seven TCM Therapies. Specific methods are Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, enema, cycle therapy, moxibustion, full bath therapy, foot bath, and oral Chinese herb medicine.

On the basis of an accurate diagnosis of one’s illness condition, one or more of the above remedies will be selected to form the most suitable and comprehensive treatment plan. Interested to get personalized evaluation? Please Email us at to get free and professional advice from our kidney experts team.

In case of 4.9 creatinine and Nephrotic Syndrome, Top Seven TCM Therapies will take effect to clean the blood, remove toxins and wastes out of the body, improve the blood circulation, prevent inflammation, repair the damaged kidney inherent cells and tissues, restore the renal function and regulate the body’s immune system. Over time, kidney structure will get restored and elevated creatinine level can be brought down naturally.

By taking the above treatment in time, Nephrotic Syndrome patients can prevent the continual aggravation of renal impairment and avoid kidney failure or dialysis. Still have anything unclear or would like to learn more useful information? Please leave a message in the following section. We will reply you promptly within 24 hours. Keep well!

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