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How To Treat Edema Of Children With Nephrotic Syndrome Effectively

2018-12-17 08:43

A boy with nephrotic syndrome has edema and want to deal with it with effeorts but the result is hard to determine and the following will show the course of treatment.

Three years ago, the boy suddenly developed edema and could not disappear for several days. He visited the doctor in the local area and was told everything is ok. They decided to take him to the county seat, but they still couldn’t find the cause. They spent a lot of money in the hospital, and it didn’t have any effect. The parents decided to take their child home for a period of time and borrow some money from their relatives. The family boarded the bus to go home. The child’s parents were very tired and fell asleep on the seat. The child was very happy.

But suddenly there happened an emergent auto accident ,the little boy was held in his arms by his father at the first moment .Then someone shout, the ambulance came, the father of the child closed his eyes, and the mother cried desperately.Three members of the family were carried into an ambulance, and the father of the child was declared dead. The mother was seriously injured, six ribs were broken, and the boy’s thigh was broken and fell into a coma.

After the mother woke up, she did not indulge in grief all the time. She handled things during the day and came back at night to take care of her son, who has now become his only spiritual pillar.

Mother spent all the money she paid for the accident on the little boy, went to many hospitals and did many tests. The same result was diagnosed as nephrotic syndrome.

Many hospitals use hormones and immune agents as their treatment methods, but once they are used, they will not be able to get rid of it for life, and their mother is in a quandary. She posted a help message on her Weibo, hoping to get help. Soon someone recommended her the hospital in Beijing, where the characteristic treatment is traditional Chinese medicine. After seeing it, the mother came to Beijing, and made an investigation. Only then did she feel free to send her son for treatment.

After a period of treatment, no hormone or immune preparation was used, the edema disappeared and the urine proteinamount dropped significantly.

Now the child has returned to normal, mother have a smile on her face The father of the child, you can rest in peace in the distance, and our son can finally grow up healthily.

That story is real and cruel to everyone,but luckily the boy get the reasonable treatment to improve his condition and if you have any questions about that treatment please contact us through the following message:


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