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Hormone Therapy Is Not The Only Way For Proteinuria

2018-12-14 10:19

Proteinuria is easy to repeat, refractory, threatening the kidney function of kidney patients, it is an important indicator to judge the quality and prognosis of nephropathy.

The great majority of patients are concerned about how to lower the protein, want to bring down the protein how stable, how to use drugs rationally, this is a lot of people are concerned about the problem!

Hormone is not omnipotent, but should use still want to use

Hormones have a good effect on the treatment of proteinuria and can be used to maintain the long-term stability of proteinuria.As for the side effects caused by long-term use, most of them can be recovered after drug reduction or withdrawal. Therefore, kidney friends do not have to worry about whether to use hormones at all, since they can lower protein levels, why not.

Besides hormone does not have medicine to decrease protein, can wait for kidney failure only?It does not necessarily

Hormone therapy for proteinuria is a routine treatment for nephropathy, which is more simple, convenient and efficient.But some patients have proteinuria in time also do not need to use hormone, need not wait until kidney failure.To reduce proteinuria and slow kidney function, remember these two points:

Treat early and seize the opportunity to treat

When kidney patient is in gently albuminuria phase, it means kidney function damage is lighter, need not hormone treatment completely, want to repair damaged kidney function in time only, avoid toxin to accumulate aggravate a disease condition.When just check out albuminuria, do not take treatment seriously however, final illness aggravates, have to undertake hormone shock treatment, in order to reduce albuminuria to the damage of kidney function, avoid the happening of kidney failure.

Drugs were used for different pathological types of diseases

Nephropathy variety is varied, development level, disease severity and prognosis are not the same, so blind abuse of hormones is not a good thing.

For patients with these pathological types, the use of hormones in lowering protein mainly depends on whether the protein quantification continues to exceed 2.5-3.0g, and if it exceeds that, the use can be considered.But usually there are better drugs for lowering protein can be used, do not have to use hormones at all, such as pril, sartan drugs, not only can reduce blood pressure, but also can reduce protein, delay kidney function, for patients with diabetes, hypertension more suitable, can not use hormones at all.

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