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How To Do Appropriate Exercise For Patients With Urine Occult Blood

2018-12-19 10:05

Under normal circumstances, the kidney has the function of filtering blood. Under the protective effect of glomerular filtration membrane, red blood cells in the blood cannot be filtered into the urine.Once urine occult blood occurs, it indicates that the kidney is damaged, the function of glomerular filtration rate decreases, and the permeability of glomerular filtration membrane increases.Urinary occult blood 3+ indicates that renal function decline is more serious, if not timely treatment, kidney disease will rapidly deteriorate.But the life depends on motion, how does 3+ of urine occult blood patient move?

Choose the right sports

Each patient and each patient's physical condition is different, the hobby is also different, so the choice of sports program will be different.And every kind of sports project has different indication or contraindication, should decide according to the illness when choosing sports project accordingly.

Take small steps and stick to them

Only step by step, perseverance, to achieve the effect;Act too quickly, arbitrarily increase the amount of exercise, will lead to patients with excessive fatigue, thereby directly affecting the effect of sports therapy, and even aggravate the burden of the kidney aggravate the disease.

3. Sports are combined with good environment and other therapies

Outdoor exercise is more beneficial than indoor exercise;Sports therapy, combined with massage and traction, is more conducive to the rehabilitation of diseases;Motion therapeutics and physiotherapy photograph cooperate, can reduce exhaustion already, can progress curative effect again.

Elderly patients should also pay attention to strengthen self-movement monitoring

As a result of the body immunity of old people is low, each function can drop.Therefore, we must strictly strengthen self-movement monitoring.If encounter unwell, should stagnated take exercise, the time that controls take exercise appropriately and frequency, athletic time does not exceed half an hour, can undertake 1-2 times motion everyday, the heart rate size after the activity is 120 times namely, do not have the circumstance such as palpitation, asthma.

How does urine occult blood 3+ patient move?I believe you should have a general understanding by now.Proper exercise can help patients improve their immunity and prevent the disease from getting worse.So must notice the choice of athletic project and carry quantity of exercise, in case have the effect that gets twice the result with half the effort.In addition, keep a positive and optimistic attitude.If you have any questions, you can consult our online doctor for free or leave a message below, and we will give you a timely reply.


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