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What Percent of Kidney Function do Nephrotic Syndrome Patients Need to Do Dialysis

2015-11-20 09:30

As we all know patients with Kidney Disease need to do Dialysis after their kidney functions down to a certain level, then what percent of kidney function do Nephrotic Syndrome patients need to do dialysis ?

Doctors said that after patient’s renal function down to 15% they'be better to take dialysis, but before that level patients still have a chance to improve their conditions. In Western Medicine, hormone is used to relieve the symptoms induced by the disease but there is no good method to repair the damaged renal and cure the disease. So most of people have to take dialysis at last for a longer life, and they have to suffer more unnecessary pains caused by it. What’s worse, after a period of treatment, the remaining kidney functions will lost totally, that is the last thing people want. So they are seeking some new methods to avoid it.

How to avoid dialysis for people with Nephrotic Syndrome ?

The earlier they get the proper treatment, the more chance they can get to get rid of dialysis. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has been proved to be the effective therapy in curing Kidney Disease, including Nephrotic Syndrome. With the help of it, patient’s kidney function can get improved in the early stage of the disease. If they are in the advanced stage of this disease, they still have a chance to reduce the times of dialysis. If you want to know more details about it, you can leave messages to us or consult our online doctors.

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