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Nephrotic Syndrome with Proteinuria How to Cure This Disease

2015-04-29 15:13

Nephrotic Syndrome with Proteinuria How to Cure This DiseaseHow to cure Nephrotic Syndrome with proteinuria ? In fact, proteinuria is one of the most common symptoms of Nephrotic Syndrome, so as this disease cured this symptom will disappeared gradually. Even though, as a kidney disease patient you also should pay attention to your diet before your disease cured.

How to cure Nephrotic Syndrome ?

therapies like Steroids and immunosuppressants are often used to treat this disease, but those conventional therapies only can ease patients’ symptoms and inhibit the inflammatory reactions within kidneys, they are unable to eliminate pathogenic factors and normalize immune system. Therefore, once inflammatory factors, immune complexes, attack kidneys again, Nephrotic Syndrome is more likely to relapse

The innovation of Chinese Medicine which is know as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is helpful for preventing this disease from relapse by improving the kidney function and the immunity system of kidneys. What’s more, it also can dispel the toxins and extra fluid out of the body, thus to relieve the symptoms of this disease. If you want to know more information of this therapy, you can leave message to us, we will try our best to help you.

How to relieve proteinuria by dieting ?

Diet plays an important role on treating kidney disease and relieving it’s symptoms, so as a kidney disease patient you should pay high attention to it.

For patient with proteinuria, you should limit the intake of protein and slat at the same time. But as you know, different patient has different symptoms, so they should has different diet plan. You’d better make a diet plan according to your own condition, if you need any help in making it, you can consult our doctor on WhatsApp/Viber, we are here waiting to help you.

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