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Is It Possible for Stage 5 Nephrotic Syndrome Patient to Get Rid of Dialysis

2016-03-06 14:57

Is It Possible for Stage 5 Nephrotic Syndrome Patient to Get Rid of DialysisIs it possible for stage 5 Nephrotic Syndrome patient to get rid of dialysis? It is known that, Dialysis is just a kind of renal replacement therapy, it can not cure kidney disease nor make kidneys function again, and it does not fully replace the renal function. In general, once the patient began to take it they have to undergo the treatment for the rest of their life. But, if the patient can get proper treatment timely, they can get a chance to get rif of dialysis.

How to get rid of dialysis in Nephrotic Syndrome and Stage 5 Kidney Failure?

As long as patients still have urine volume, they still have great chance to improve their kidney impairment and get rid of dialysis.

Blood Pollution Therapy is developed by the nation's famous kidney experts after more than twenty years' research and clinical experiences. The whole treatment process includes three parts as below:

- Remove most of blood stasis by advanced Blood Purification methods such as hemofiltration, hemoperfusion, plasma exchange, immunoadsorption, CRRT, etc;

- Clean up all of toxins and wastes with Chinese medicine remedies like cycle therapy, enema, full bath therapy, oral Chinese herb medicine and so on;

- Repair the damaged kidneys and improve the renal function. Combined Micro-Chinese Medicine and Stem Cells can be used to ensure such curative effects. One the kidney function can be increased to 15% or above, patients can get off dialysis naturally.

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome and Stage 5 Kidney Failure, Blood Pollution Therapy is highly recommended for your reference. Need any help in treating Nephrotic Syndrome, you can send email to us, we will try our best to help you.

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