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Creatinine 224.7 and Proteinuria 4 Is There Any Cure in Nephrotic Syndrome

2018-02-05 14:35

Creatinine 224.7 and Proteinuria 4 Is There Any Cure in Nephrotic SyndromeLarge proteinuria is one of the feature symptoms of nephrotic syndrome. Usually, the patients have to endure the discomforts caused by the relapsed nephrotic syndrome once more. While, is there any cure to creatinine 224.7 and proteinuria 4 in nephrotic syndrome?

Creatinine 224.7 umol/L (the standard is 44 - 133umol/L) signifies serious kidney condition in which more than half of the nephrons lost their function to filter the blood. Besides, the filtration capital of the kidneys is to remove the unwanted and extra water into the urine, in the meanwhile, the protein, red cells and other substances will be remained in the blood. In a word, the fundamental treatment to creatinine 224.7 umol/L and proteinuria 4g/24h is to cure the kidneys.

I am sad that the patients can only maintain their conditions well so as to prevent dialysis and transplant rather than getting a completely cure from nephrotic syndrome as the died renal cells can not be saved. That is to say, if the patients can receive the treatments in the early stage of nephrotic syndrome, the diseased renal cells can be saved and they can be healthy.

Nevertheless, specific treatments are needed to stop the course of nephrotic syndrome with creatinine 224.7 and proteinuria 4 as well. For an instance:

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a great innovation of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) for receiving the clinical effects of detoxification, anti-inflammation, enhancing immunity, dissolving stasis, promoting blood circulation, and giving an impetus to renal recovery. Since sorely a great deal of herbs are used externally according the patients’ current illness conditions in the treatment of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, less side effects come out and the patients can recuperate better.

When the kidney is resumed, the proteinuria 4g/24h can be limited into normal, the creatinine 224.7umol/L will be lessened, and the nephrotic syndrome can have a relatively normal life.

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