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Nephrotic Syndrome:Five Causes of Malnutrition Disorder

2014-03-21 06:42

Nephrotic Syndrome:Five Causes of Malnutrition DisorderNephrotic Syndrome patients have many featured symptoms.They are massive proteinuria,edema,hypoalbuminemia and hyperlipidemia.Malnutrition Disorder is one of the symptoms of Nephrotic Syndrome.Let’s find five causes of malnutrition disorder in Nephrotic Syndrome together.

Five Causes of Malnutrition Disorder in Nephrotic Syndrome

1.Losing massive proteinuria

Protein is a significant material for our body.In our daily life,it provides energy.As Nephrotic Syndrome patients are losing massive proteinuria increasingly and gradually,it is not difficult to understand malnutrition disorder in Nephrotic Syndrome.


Edema is also one of symptoms for Nephrotic Syndrome patients.Edema has chance of attacking any organs in our body.When edema occurs in stomach area,many nutritions may be failed to be absorbed into our body.Therefore many Nephrotic Syndrome patients begin to feel weak due to malnutrition disorder.


Apart from these symptoms,many nephrotic syndrome patients may have many complications.For Nephrotic Syndrome patients,wastes and toxins build up in our blood thus attacking any organs in our body.When the digestive system is involved in,patients also fail to get nutritions from food.

4.Diet Reasons

Nephrotic Syndrome patients have individual characteristics and have different diet plan.With unproper diet plan,patients also suffer from seriously malnutrition disorder.


Some medicines have fewer side effects to influence your appetite.With poor appetite,many patients has less energy thus leading malnutrition disorder in Nephrotic Syndrome.

Long-term malnutritions for nephrotic syndrome patients is worse as immune system will be disturbed day by day.To treat malnutritions in Nephrotic Syndrome means to treat Nephrotic Syndrome.

Kidney Treatment

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is based on Chinese medicines.Chinese medicines can be processed and put into two bags working the BL 23 Acupoint thus repairing renal damage and recovering renal functions.

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