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Nephrotic Syndrome:10% Kidney Functions without Dialysis

2014-03-19 08:55

Nowadays more and more patients suffer from Nephrotic Syndrome.It attacks any people at any age.Many Nephrotic Syndrome patients only remain 10% renal functions.If they don’t accept dialysis,what should we do?Follow our descriptions and find the answers.

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Nephrotic Syndrome Patients remaining 10% kidney functions without dialysis

Nephrotic Syndrome refers to glomeruli damage.There are lots of symptoms following.They are massive proteinuria,edema,hypoalbuminemia and hyperphosphatemia.Without timely and effective treatment,nephrotic syndrome patients will remain 10% renal functions.

Patients with 10% renal functions need to accept dialysis in near future.Although kidney functions remain 10%,wastes and toxins continues to be accumulated in our body.Dialysis is a replacement therapy for kidney thus removing useless substances.However many patients accept dialysis for a while,they urinate nothing.What’s worse,many complications follow after such as itchying skin,leg cramps,vomiting and nausea.Are there any other treatments for nephrotic syndrome patients without dialysis?

Kidney Treatment

Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital in China has experted in kidney disease for many years.Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is one of the most effective one.Then how does it treat nephrotic syndrome patients with 10% kidney functions?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can be used externally.Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has the function of removing staisis including wastes and toxins,oppressing inflammation response,avoiding coagulation and degradation of extracelluar matrix.More importantly,Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy regulates immune systems thus treating nephrotic syndrome from root perspective.When you accept Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy,you feel comfortable.It is like a masage.Chinese Medicines are the foundamation of Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy,which has a long history.Welcome to our hospital and let’s fight against nephrotic syndrome together.

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