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Some Good Life Habits To Avoid Kidney Stones

2018-10-02 10:28

The kidney stones are the common disease to most of people,that is a suffering course to anyone,and the reason of kidney stone is closely with your daily life,then start with lifestyle as following to avoid the kidney stones.

1, You should drink more water, don’t hold urine,that is good to discharge the solid components in your urine.

Drinking plenty of water is a doctor’s care for every patient with kidney stones, but what is really a large amount mean? In fact, there is no fixed standard for the amount of drinking water, mainly adjusted according to the amount of urine, to ensure that the daily urine volume is about 2000 ml. Generally, the amount of water per day is not less than 2-3 liters, which can reduce the concentration of stones in the urine and reduce the formation of precipitates, thereby preventing the formation of stones. It also causes the dissolution of the formed stones to be excreted with the urine.

2, Do some appropriate physical exercise to discharge the small stones.

Patients with kidney stones can increase the amount of activity and develop a feasible activity plan according to their physical condition. For example: Simple jumps, running, going up and down stairs, skipping ropes, etc. to promote the discharge of stones.

3. To have some good eating habits.

The general principle is: Note that animal protein, cereals, and vegetable cellulose are used together. It is advisable to use a low-sugar, low-fat and low-sodium diet. The proper restriction of sodium and salt intake can reduce the excretion of sodium, calcium, uric acid and oxalate by the kidney, which is beneficial to prevent the recurrence of uroliths. Low-purin diets should be used for Uric acid stones ; Phosphate stones are suitalbe with a low calcium and low phosphorus diet. Under the guidance of a doctor, the dietary structure is adjusted according to the composition of the stone, and the prevention and treatment of the disease is more favorable.

In the daily diet, you just eat one kind of food because it has high nutritional value. You must pay attention to the food variation. Even if it is checked that the body lacks certain nutrients and needs some kind of food to supplement, it is not suitable to eat a lot of food regularly because the body’s digestion and absorption functions are limited.If you can’t absorb it, you will create space for the “long stone.”

After the good habits to be raised in your daily life,you can get more benefit from it and avoid the kidney stones,if you have any questions about the stones please contact us through the following message:


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