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Someone Who Are Easy To Get Kidney Problems Must Pay More Attention To Themselves

2018-10-09 13:55

To some people they are easy to get kidney disese,then i will share the susceptible people with you as following:

(1) Elderly,To old people their kidney function has been reduced and can not work hard to discharge more toxins from body,then they must take good care of their daily life to avoid the damage to their kidneys.

(2) Patients with hypertension, diabetes, gout, obesity or metabolic syndrome. In patients with hypertension and diabetes for more than 5 years, the risk of kidney damage will increase greatly, and the frequency of examinations should increase. The earliest manifestation of damage in diabetic nephropathyis the appearance of microalbumin in the urine. Therefore, after quantifying the nephropathy caused by other factors, the urine can be counted by quantitative test (immediate urine, 8 hours, 12 hours or 24 hours of urine specimens). Microalbumin to understand the extent of kidney damage.

gout: Be alert to hidden kidney damage.

(3)In patients who repeatedly used various drugs, some people used Longdan Xiegan Pill as a hangover drug in the past few years, resulting in kidney failure. Some antipyretics and painkillers in western medicine may cause kidney diseases such as gentamicin and kanamycin.

(4) Patients with chronic kidney disease at home: Some surveys have found that family members have a history of kidney disease, and the probability of other members suffering from kidney disease is 5-8 times higher.

(5) A person with one side nephrectomy or a congenital kidney,that means his kidney can not endure the hard work to remove the toxins,once their body produce more metabolism products the kidney can not discharge in time,some toxins may deposit in the blood to affect other organs function.

(6) Pregnant women have different psychological condition,and their kidneys have to work more hard to discharge their own toxins and baby’s toxins from their body,then their kidneys are more easy to be hurt.

(7) Patients with autoimmune diseases: Autoimmune diseases, mainly systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis and vasculitis, can cause kidney disease, which is quite common, especially in young women.

(8) Patients with viral hepatitis. We know that hepatitis viruses most often damage the liver and cause viral hepatitis. It can also cause kidney disease, which is medically called “hepatitis virus-associated nephritis.”

As long as you go to the hospital for simple urine, blood and ultrasound, you can achieve early detection and early diagnosis.Then you can find the reasonable treatment in time to avoid the further damage,if you have the similar condition please contact us through the following message:


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