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Several Rules For Traditional Chinese Medicine To Help You Get better

2018-10-08 10:12

Nowadays more and more kidney patients are suffering from kidney problems,and the western medicine can not help them get better,and after treatment their kidney condition will relapse again,then they start looking for new treatments which can help them improve the kidney function and live the normal life again,that is the TCM treatment,but this kind of treatment is different from western medicine and we must know more information about TCM as following:

Treatments for kidney disease with TCM has to follow the certain rules

In the face of kidney disease, today, there is still a lack of ideal methods for understanding and medical treatment of kidney disease at home and abroad, such as dialysis can only sustain life, but also produce dependency and dialysis syndrome, the success rate of kidney transplantation is low, and the rejection phenomenon is still difficult to solve for a while, the side effects of hormone therapy are obvious, and the easy recurrence and high cost of dialysis and kidney transplantation often make many patients unbearable …

For patients’ reference: Side effects of hormone drugs: 1, the body fat; 2. It can cause osteoporosis and necrosis of femoral head. 3, the body’s immunity decreased, blood sugar increased, corticosteroid symptoms, digestive tract ulcers, electrolyte disorders and so on.

Hormones and immunosuppressants both have certain effects on sexual function. Long – term and high-dose use of corticosteroids such as prednisone will aggravate sexual dysfunction. Almost all immune preparations can damage testicular atrophy and ovary, resulting in decreased or disappeared spermatogenic function, loss of sexual desire and impotence.

At present, on the whole, Chinese medicine should be superior to western medicine. Because western medicine mostly adopts hormone therapy for the treatment of various nephritis, nephropathy and Nephrotic syndrome, but hormone has strong concealment of the disease, obvious side effects and easy recurrence. Traditional Chinese medicine is not, on the one hand, the curative effect is obvious, and it is not easy to relapse; on the other hand, it has no pain, no toxic or side effect, and low cost. Therefore, the treatment of kidney disease in traditional Chinese medicine is comparable to that in some countries with advanced medical technology.

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