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The Relationship Between Kidney Failure and Protein in Urine

2016-07-03 18:08

Almost all the kidney failure patients will experience protein loss in urine and protein loss in urine as one of the clinical manifestations of kidney failure it also will worsen the disease, so as a kidney failure patient you should pay high attention to this symptoms.

Why kidney failure can cause protein loss in urine?

For kidney failure patients, protein loss can be caused by:

1. Damaged glomerular filtration membrane

When glomerular filtration membrane is damaged, some protein pass through it easily. Although renal tubule can help to reabsorb some of them, when the amount of protein is beyond the reabsorbing ability of renal tubule, they get out of our body with urine.

2. Damaged renal tubule

Glomerular filtration membrane can not help us preserve all the protein, which means some protein still can pass through filtration membrane in normal cases. These protein are finally reabsorbed by renal tubule; however, when function of renal tubule is affected, these protein will leak out with urine and thus form proteinuria.

How to treat protein loss in urine caused by kidney failure?

Good management of protein loss in urine helps kidney failure patients to delay the disease progressed into Uremia and improve prognosis. To remit protein loss effectively, kidney failure patients need to:

1. Limit protein intake and try to ingest some high quality protein like fish, lean meat and egg white.

2. Having tight control about kidney failure symptoms, as these symptoms may cause further kidney damages.

3. Repair kidney damages to improve kidney function. As long as kidney function is improved, protein loss will be remitted at the same time.

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