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What Medicines Can be Used to Treat Proteinuria in Kidney Disease

2016-12-14 15:43

What Medicines Can be Used to Treat Proteinuria in Kidney DiseaseProteinuria is the most common symptom of kidney disease, it is caused by kidney disease, without good control, it also will worsen the kidney disease.

What medicines can be used to treat proteinuria?

In clinical, western medicines like ACEI, ARBs, Antiplatelet flocculant and cytotoxic agent will be used to treat proteinuria. Chinese herbal medicines like Fourstamen Stephania Root, Astragalus mongholicus, rhizoma alismatis, medicinal cyathula root, rehmannia, bighead atractylodes rhizome and etc can play the similar functions.

If proteinuria can not be cured for a long time, some Chinese medicines such as stiff silkworm, lumbricus, zaocys dhumnade can be used appropriately. These medicines can improve the blood circulation of kidneys and protect kidney function, especially during the treatment of chronic kidney disease. Chinese herbal medicines with functions of clearing away heat and toxic materials also play an important role in treating proteinuria. Kidney diseases are usually accompanied by inflammation which can aggravate proteinuria. Chinese herbal medicines like honeysuckle, Astragalus mongholicus, dandelion and Oldenlandia diffusa can eliminate inflammation and relieve proteinuria.

As to the treatment for asymptomatic proteinuria, Chinese herbal medicines like Astragalus membranaceus, salvia miltiorrhiza, poria cocos, earthworm, rehmannia, licorice, coupling with ACEI or ARBs can be used to reduce proteinuria and protect kidney function.

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