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Can Chinese Medicine be Helpful for Proteinuria Instead of Steroid

2018-01-10 16:21

Can Chinese Medicine be Helpful for Proteinuria Instead of SteroidProteinuria is a very usual symptom of kidney disease in which case there are some things wrong with kidneys. When the condition become deteriorated, steroid will be adopted. However, the patients and their family number also wonder can Chinese medicine be helpful for proteinuria instead of steroid.

How does steroid work to proteinuria for kidney disease patients?

Many kidney patients have urine protein overcast with the help of steroid as a result of the inhibited inflammation. To be honest, once the renal inflammation is controlled, the kidney will be protected from injuring, and thus, the filter function restoration is gained due to the strong compensatory of kidneys, later, the protein urine will disappeared.

But this is not to say that the cause of the inflammatory response has been destroyed by steroid, and it does not mean dead kidney cells have been resurrected.

Why are the patients willing to gain another treatment rather than steroid?

Except for the mentioned shortcoming of steroid, it can induce weight gain, moon fact, endocrine dyscrasia and other problems. Thereby, more and more patients long for receiving another method.

Is Chinese Medicine effective for patients with proteinuria?

In China, Toxin-Removing Therapy combined with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy as well as Mai Kang Mixture work together to remove inflammations in the kidneys, cleanse the blood, strengthen the immunity and provide enough blood and nutrients to the kidneys. In an other word, all that is needed is the right help from Chinese herbs at the proper time for them to make the most of kidney self-healing ability. Subsequently, the kidney function is elevated in some points and the proteinuria can keep negative. Furthermore, the patients can carry on with a fairly ordinary life.

Do you want to treat proteinuria well without steroid? Are you interested in Chinese medicine to kidney problem? If so, please leave a message below or send your medical reports to us. We will try our best to help you.



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