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Some Reasons Make The Misdisanosis For The Allergic Purpura

2018-10-02 09:16

As purpura disease is a uncommon concept to most people,even to some doctors they are often easy to ignore it and misdiagnose it in clinical experience,and the following i will explain the course of diagnosis of purpura to help you understand it well.

Allergic purpura is an allergic disease that mainly affects capillaries. It is a common type of vasculitis syndrome, and it becomes a pathological feature with extensive small vasculitis.The age of onset is more than 3 years old, especially for school-age children. More incidence in spring and autumn. Typical cases are easier to diagnose, but abdominal pain, blood in the stool, joint swelling and pain, and hematuria appear before the skin purpura, which is often misdiagnosed. According to our experience in diagnosis and treatment for many years, we summarize the following:

First. Reason for misdiagnosis:

(1) The first symptom of joint swelling and pain: The skin purpura appeares after the joint swelling and pain, the Department of Pediatrics often consider it to be rheumatoid arthritis. Without improve according to the anti-wet treatment after a few days, the skin appeared purpura and was diagnosed.

(2) abdominal pain as the first symptom: About 213 patients with allergic purpura have gastrointestinal symptoms, mainly abdominal pain, mostly severe colic, vomiting, bloody stool or fecal occult blood positive, occasionally vomiting blood, easily misdiagnosed as intestinal fistula, mesenteric lymphadenitis, acute appendicitis, sometimes laparotomy, skin purpura during surgery or 2 to 3 days after surgery,Only confirmed.

(3) bloody stool as the first symptom: The renal damage of allergic purpura is mainly hematuria and protein. Some have only microscopic hematuria, which occurs in children after 3~4 years old. The severity of the disease varies. In severe cases, there may be persistent proteinuria+ and renal dysfunction. In severe cases, there may be no urine and High blood pressure. It is easily misdiagnosed as acute nephritisbefore skin purpura is present. Medical history must be carefully asked to know that you may have allergic purpura before. After the diagnosis is clear, the treatment of kidney damage caused by allergic purpura can be cured.

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