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The Etiology Of Purpura Nephritis Should Be Attention

2018-10-07 10:30

To most purpura nephritis patients they muWindst know more information about the cause of this disease,and i can share the message with you as following: Etiology of Henoch – Schonlein Purpura Nephritis

1. Exogenous factors:

( 1 ) Wind – heat

The evil of wind-heat invades and injures the blood of the Nutrition and causes spots on the skin, the heat toxin is abundant, the blood gets hot, the collateral is damaged and blood overflow, resulting in hematuria and purpura. Or the evil of wind-heat and the internal damp-heat move down to the kidney and bladder, resulting in hematuria and edema. Therefore, in the early stage of disease, exogenous wind-heat are often the symptoms, which is with acute onset and many changes. Henoch – Schonlein purpura is often accompanied by pruritus. In the early stage of purpura, the color is reddish and purple, fresh as brocade, or accompanied by vomiting and bleeding, all of which are wind-heat-induced diseases.

( 2 ) blood stasis

At the beginning, heat disturbed the blood vessels, spilling over and infiltrating into the blood vessels to form purpura and blood urine, and blood consumption and qi damage caused blood stasis over a long period of time. Clinical observation shows that this disease has different degrees of blood stasis due to ” blood deviating from meridians forming blood stasis”, regardless of syndrome differentiation. The result of blood stasis and qi stagnation aggravates the deficiency in origin.

2. Internal injuries

Deficiency in origin: The evil of wind-heat lingers in the kidney, which is mainly manifested in kidney deficiency and blood heat at the beginning, followed by deficiency of both qi and yin due to the consumption of qi and yin due to the evil of heat, resulting in deficiency of both spleen and kidney and deficiency of both qi and blood due to the loss of yin and yang for a long time. If the spleen fails to uptake the nutrition, and the kidney fails to mount, protein and other subtle substances will leak with the urine.

The formation of this disease is mostly due to deficiency of qi and yin. Invasion of six evils which means your immunity is weak, will induce invasion of pathogenic heat into blood, so as to cause disturbance of blood vessels, and abnormal circulation of blood, spilling over the skin and causing purpura, and urine blood seen in the kidney. Heat and blood stasis are the main reasons.

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