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Prognosis of Having Creatinine Level 7.4 with Chronic Nephritis

2014-04-28 06:29

Prognosis of Having Creatinine Level 7.4 with Chronic NephritisWhat is the prognosis of having creatinine level 7.4 with Chronic Nephritis? In this article, let’s talk about this question and find the corresponding answer. Prefer to talking directly? Chat with our online doctor for free advice.

Actually, the prognosis may vary from person to person, depending upon the person’s overall health, primary disease, co-existing health issues, current kidney function, and adopted treatment. If you are interested to get personalized suggestions, please Email us at with your detailed illness information. Our kidney experts will make a comprehensive analysis and reply you soon within 24 hours.

After getting diagnosed of creatinine level 7.4 with Chronic Nephritis, patients can still have a good outcome as long as they can take prompt and effective treatment to lower the high level and stop the disease’s further progression. Treatment options are listed as below for your reference.

a. Blood Purification techniques. Advanced therapies such as hemofiltration, hemoperfusion, plasma exchange, immunoadsorption, CRRT, etc can be selectively used to clear harmful substances out of the body;

b. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) remedies. Natural options including hot compress therapy, enema, cycle therapy, moxibustion, full bath therapy, and foot bath can help repair the impaired kidney inherent cells and restore the overall renal function. To learn more detailed introduction, check Here.

If you or someone you know has creatinine level 7.4 with Chronic Nephritis and would like to know the best treatment options, please leave a message in the below. We will reply you promptly within 24 hours. Take care please and best wishes!

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