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Symptoms of Chronic Nephritis In Early Stage

2013-09-01 17:17

What are the symptoms of Chronic Nephritis in early stage? Chronic Nephritis is a group of primary glomerular disease and it develops slowly. But if it is not treated timely, it will develop into kidney failure. So it is important to have a timely diagnosis of Chronic Nephritis. Knowing the symptoms of chronic nephritis in the early stage helps to find the disease and receive treatment as soon as possible.

What are the symptoms of chronic nephritis in the early stage?

In the early stage of chronic nephritis, its symptoms are various. Some symptoms are hard to be founded and some others are obvious. Here we will give an introduction about the most common symptoms of Chronic Nephritis in early stage.

Eyelid swelling: for patients with chronic nephritis, it is easy to have eyelid swelling. Because kidney is damaged, it can not expel out excess fluid and keep the balance of electrolyte, leading to the accumulation of water and sodium in the loose tissues of the body. Eyelid swelling occurs when excess fluid builds up around the eyelid.

Hematuria or blood urine: there two forms of blood urine in medicine: gross hematuria and microscopic hematuria. Gross hematuria can be seen by naked eyes and in that case, the color of urine is like the color of water where meat are washed, tea-colored, dark orange or red. Some patients may have blood streak or blood clot in the urine. Microscopic hematuria can be seen only by microscope. Blood urine is a common symptom of chronic nephritis and tight control of it helps to improve prognosis.

Foamy urine: in the early stage of chronic nephritis, patients will find there are lots of foams in the urine, and these foams do not disappear in a long time. Foamy urine indicates excess protein in urine. Under such a condition, regulating protein intake is necessary for a tight control of proteinuria..

In addition, there are also other symptoms, such as tiredness, poor appetite, lower back pain, frequent nighttime urination, etc. If you suffer from these symptoms, you need to go to hospital to check if you are attacked by chronic nephritis. The earlier the diagnosis, the better the treatment effects and prognosis.

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