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Chinese Medicine for Chronic Nephritis

2013-11-29 10:42

Chinese Medicine for Chronic NephritisCan Traditional Chinese Medicine be used to cure Chronic Nephritis? Which kind of Chinese herbs can be used, and how? Chronic nephritis means there is inflammatory response on the kidney, which can lead to the round kidney tissue damage. In addition, to the Chronic nephritis patients, with the aggravation of the inflammatory response, the kidney tissue damage will get worse, which will cause exacerbation and lead to the uremia. Therefore, it is an important measure to avoid the aggravation by the control of the inflammatory response, which needs the active and effective treatment. The immunosuppressor is a common medicine to cure the chronic nephritis. These medicines can control the inflammatory response effectively, protect healthy kidney tissues from being damaged and control the condition. But the long-term and mass use of the immunosuppressor will cause not only hypoimmunity but a series of side-effects like calvities, nausea, emesis, hematuresis and damage of liver function. The immunosuppressor plays an important role in the treatment of chronic nephritis, but after the condition becomes stable, they can choose the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to firm the condition and promote the rotation of the renal function.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is through the superfine grinding of Chinese medicine, with the aid of permeameter to make the effective constituents of the TCM permeate to the kidney lesions along the acupoint to reach the aim of treatment. The reason that the micro-Chinese medicine can be used to treat Chronic Nephritis due to the following several functions:

1.Vascular Dilation

Kidney is organ that can be used to filter the blood pressure. When the kidney gets harmed due to the inflammatory response, renal ischemia and renal anoxia will appear. The micro-Chinese medicine can extend the blood vessels effectively, improving the renal blood flow and circulation to improve the ischemia and anoxia condition. In addition, the vascular dilation can reduce the impact to vascular wall by the blood, so it can help the patients control the blood pressure well.

2. Anti-inflammatory

The micro TCM has the function of anti-inflammatory. To the Chronic nephritis patients, the kidney tissue damage is mainly caused by the ultra immune inflammatory response. The effective constituents of the TCM can effectively control the kidney inflammatory response and prevent the condition getting worse.


Kidney can expel the toxin, so when it has problems, the renal function will reduce, which will cause much toxin to accumulate in the blood and enhance the chances of thrombus. Through the anti-coagulation function of micro-Chinese medicine, the kidney patients can prevent the blood clotting and thrombus effectively.

4. Degrade extracellular matrix

The kidney inflammatory response will cause mass accumulation of extracellular matrix and influence the normal kidney cell to work as intended. Through the micro-Chinese medicine to extracellular matrix can provide a good environment to the kidney inherent cells and help the Chronic Nephritis patients get timely and good recovery.

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