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What are the Causes of Edema in Chronic Kidney Disease

2015-07-17 16:45

What are the Causes of Edema in Chronic Kidney DiseaseWhat are the causes of edema in kidney disease ? There are two mainly factors can induce edema in kidney disease, which are a heavy loss of protein in the urine and impaired kidney function. The following are some details about them, hoping you can get more information from it.

1. Heavy loss of protein in the urine

In this situation, the patients have normal or fairly normal kidney function. The heavy loss of protein in the urine (over 3.0 grams per day) with its accompanying edema is termed the nephrotic syndrome. Since albumin helps to maintain blood volume in the blood vessels, a reduction of fluid in the blood vessels occurs. The kidneys then register that there is depletion of blood volume and, therefore, attempt to retain salt. Consequently, fluid moves into the interstitial spaces, thereby causing pitting edema.

2. Impaired kidney function

In this situation, patients who have kidney disease that impair renal function develop edema because of a limitation in the kidneys' ability to excrete sodium into the urine. Thus, patients with kidney failure from whatever cause will develop edema if their intake of sodium exceeds the ability of their kidneys to excrete the sodium. The more advanced the kidney failure, the greater the problem of salt retention is likely to become. The most severe situation is the patient with end-stage kidney failure who requires dialysis therapy. This patient's salt balance is totally regulated by dialysis, which can remove salt during the treatment. Dialysis is a method of cleansing the body of the impurities that accumulate when the kidneys fail.

How to relieve edema in kidney disease ?

Control the intake of salt and water is necessary for reliving edema in kidney disease, but the key point is to repair the damaged kidneys. With the disease goes well, all the symptoms of it will disappeared gradually.

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