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Proteinuria Is The Important Indicator Of Kidney Disease

2018-12-02 10:25

To most kidney patients they often have the proteinuria when they do some urine routine test,then once the patients find high urine protein after the urine test, the most considered should be kidney disease, because kidney disease is the most likely to cause urine protein.

Under normal circumstances, protein will be absorbed, but when the kidney is damaged, kidney fibrosis starts, the kidney will have a decline in function, and then the protein will not be absorbed and leaked out. Lead to the production of urinary protein, the emergence of high urine protein. In fact, in addition to kidney disease accidents, urinary tract infection will also lead to high urine protein.

High urine protein is caused by increased permeability of the glomerular filtration membrane. In the past, we only treated the primary disease, and rarely worked on the treatment of glomerular filtration membrane.

Therefore, even if the urine protein and occult blood are reduced or disappeared for a period of time, the most fundamental cause has not been resolved, and the glomerular filtration membrane has not been repaired.

After the drug’s effect disappears, or for some reason, urine protein and occult blood will come back.

Although hematuria and proteinuria+ are important indicators for judging the severity of kidney disease and its prognosis. Values ​​are important, but more importantly, the condition can really get better.

As long as the condition is controlled, the values ​​of occult blood and urine protein will naturally drop. Therefore, in order to truly restore health, it is most important to treat the disease.

This requires patients to find a way to suit themselves and completely cure kidney disease.More proteinuria patients have accepted western medicine for long time,but the protein in urine is not eliminated thoroughly and relapsed often,then I suggest you should consider the TCM treatment which can help patients improve the kidney function from root,and any questions about the proteinuria please contact us through the following message:


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