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Can the Diarrhea Lead To The Uremia In Certain Condition?

2018-11-25 09:25

To most kidney patients they don't know whether having loose bowels can lead to uremia, diarrhea can hurt the kidney too much!that is a serious problem to many persons then i will show you the principle of this situation.

Every time the weather changes, especially in late autumn and early winter, there are more diarrhea patients in the hospital.

Mary is a 17 – year – old girl with kidney disease and is in high school. Three years ago, she developed chronic interstitial Nephritis( considered to be caused by drug-induced kidney damage ), creatinine is usually about 150 – 170 μ m ol / l , 1 + urine proteinand negative urine occult blood. Although the disease is difficult to cure, it is still stable.

A week ago, Mary suddenly suffered from diarrhea, watery stool and seven or eight trips to the bathroom a day. After taking some antidiarrheal, it eased a little.

Two days ago, Mary developed fever, diarrhea increased again, nausea and vomiting began, she couldn’t eat food, urine volume also decreased, and she was depressed. The family rushed her to the hospital and found that creatinine was 736 μ m ol / l, exceeding the uremic level.

Then we have a question for that if the loose bowels can develop into uremia.

The key problem is: Water loss. Long time diarrhea can cause you discharge large amount water out of body and easy to lead to dehydration,thus the creatinine level will increase rapidly.

Having loose bowels can cause the body to lose water. Most ordinary people can carry it over, but for our friends with kidney disease, the consequence of losing water is even more serious.

The kidney is the organ most afraid of ” water shortage”, and the Chinese medicine also pays attention to ” kidney governs water”. Severe diarrhea can lead to a large amount of water loss in the body and a decrease in blood flow to the kidneys. If there is original kidney disease, kidney ischemia will be disastrous.

In addition, patients with kidney disease have low immunity and high risk of infection. Infection is the cause of most diarrhea and an accomplice to uremia.

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