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The Foam Urine Doesn't Mean You Have Nephropathy

2018-12-21 08:52

Today, a patient suddenly asked me: "foam urine" situation is there must be urine protein?

This needs to be analyzed on a case-by-case basis."Foamy piss" appear only occasionally, cannot explain albuminuria, cannot say to have kidney disease more.The occasional appearance of "foamy urine" may be due to other illnesses, medication effects, height of urination, toilet cleanliness, etc.

If it is a continuous appearance of small and dense "foam urine", and the foam does not dissipate for a long time.Watch out for urinary protein.You'd better go to the hospital for a urine test.

Three types of foam urine were not associated with nephropathy

1. Urinate too fast

When a person urinates too quickly, the strong impact of the urine, mixed with the air is also easy to appear foam, but this foam will soon dissipate.In addition, if you stand high when urinating, your urine is prone to foam.

2. Urine concentration

Drink little water, sweat too much, diarrhea, due to insufficient water intake caused urine concentration, but also lead to high protein in urine, urine is prone to foam.

3. There are semen components

After spermatorrhea, frequent excitations of male lead to increased secretion of mucus from urethral bulb gland, diabetes mellitus accompanied by autonomic nerve dysfunction, all of which may occur in urethral semen components, and cause foam urine

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