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Anemia and Creatinine 6 in CKD Is Controlled with Natural Treatment

Due to the disadvantages of the common treatments of chronic kidney disease (CKD) - dialysis and transplant, a increasing number of patients want to receive a natural treatment. Here the article will show that anemia and creatinine 6 in CKD...Read More

Renal Hypertension Is Chinese Medication Really Helpful

Many kidney disease patients will be troubled by renal hypertension which in turn will aggravate the kidney conditions. Usually, the hypertension drugs do not work well as we expected. And thus, is Chinese medicine really helpful for contro...Read More

Creatinine Level 2.34 Any Medicine Available for Blood Urine

Creatinine level 2.34 presents the third stage of kidney disease in which the patients will be troubled by various of deposited toxins as well as different illnesses. And then, any medicine available for blood urine in this case? What is bl...Read More

Is Chinese Herbal Therapy A Good Way to Against Skin Problem in Nephropathy

Is Chinese herbal therapy a good way to against skin problem in nephropathy? Here the article will give you an answer. Nephropathy stands for there are somethings wrong with kidneys, like nephritis, renal insufficiency, kidney failure and s...Read More

What Can We Do To Remit Fatigue for CKD Patients with Creatinine 200

What can we do to remit fatigue for CKD patients with creatinine? If you have the similar question, lets go to find out the answer. What is the most possible reason of fatigue for CKD patients whose creatinine is 200? Generally speaking, th...Read More

Creatinine 3.9 and CKD How to Relieve Weakness and Anemia

Weakness and anemia are common symptoms of so many illness like CKD. And creatinine 3.9 stands for not only badly damaged kidneys, but also appeared some discomforts, weakness and anemia, for an example. And then, how to relieve weakness an...Read More

Kidney Disease and Creatinine 3.82 How to Deal with Anemia and Fatigue

Anemia is able to induce poor appetite, difficult breath, memory problems and other diseases. Besides, fatigue makes the patients spend more time on rest, and have less energy in performance. While, how to deal with anemia and fatigue in ki...Read More

What Can I Do to Be Better with Itching Back Pain Kidney Function 24%

Good morning, sir. I am suffering from itching and back pain . My kidneys are only operating at 24%. What can I do to be better? Here the article will help solve similar issues from root causes. In this section, I will try to explain how th...Read More

Is There Any Option to Dispel Proteinuria For CKD with Creatinine 493

Proteinuria is a presence of urine with a large amount of protein, which shows there are something wrong with the kidneys. While, is there any option to dispel proteinuria for CKD with creatinine 493? What does CKD and creatinine 493 means?...Read More

Therapy to Creatinine Level Reached 6.3 and Vomits in Kidney Disease

Sir, my creatinine level has reached 6.3 and having vomits quite often. I do not want to experience dialysis. Please suggest any therapy. If you have the similar doubt, please contact Online Doctor for more related information. If the kidne...Read More