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Spleen Can't Regulate Blood As Something Wrong Occurs

2018-11-24 10:10

In human body only the spleen and kidney can deal with much blood ,then the two organs are more important to one person’s health.Spleen does not regulate blood when there is something wrong health in TCM opinion.

Refers to the qi deficiency that can not govern blood. The spleen has the function of governing the blood, making the blood run along the meridians. If the spleen yang is weak and cannot control the blood, the blood does not follow the meridians. Clinically, many kinds of chronic bleeding diseases, such as menorrhagia, hematochezia, epistaxis, subcutaneous hemorrhage, etc.

If you see the symptoms of pale tongue, thin pulse and spleen deficiency, it is often use the methods of ” invigorating spleen to absorb blood” and ” inducing blood to return to spleen”. It is commonly seen in anemia, functional uterine bleeding, primary thrombocytopenic purpura and other diseases. These opinions are from TCM and many patients often accept the western medicine therapy,and if you have any questions about your spleen please consult our experts through the following message:


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