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Is It Possible to Reverse Kidney Atrophy

2015-12-01 13:49

Is It Possible to Reverse Kidney AtrophyIs it possible to reverse kidney atrophy ? To be honestly, the kidney artrophy cannot be reversed, but the patient can prevent the kidney goes to shrink if they can get the right treatment in time.

Atrophy of kidney means that your kidney is relatively smaller or obviously shrinks. The size of kidneys is up to age, sex, height and weight of the person. Long-term kidney disease will do damage to the kidney units. As the necrosis and hardening of kidney units, the kidneys will become smaller in size, and the kidney function also will goes down. Therefore, in order to treat kidney disease, to improve and control atrophy of the kidneys is very important.

What causes the atrophy of kidney?

According to the research, poor blood flow into the kidney is the common and direct factor that leads to renal atrophy. Based on this direct factor, there may be two root causes.

One root cause is congenital disorders such as renal artery stenosis and congenital renal dysplasia. With the advanced antenatal care, this cause has become very rare. The other root cause, due to acquired factors, is very common. Nearly all kinds of end-stage kidney diseases can contribute to shrinking kidney, because the blood flow must diminish with renal insufficiency

How to prevent the kidney goes to shrink ?

Since renal atrophy has an intimate link with decreased blood flow and renal insufficiency, the ultimate purposes of this treatment are to increase blood flow and improve kidney function. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy as one of the innovation Chinese Medicine, it can help patient achieve these aims. Through putting the crushed herbal medicine on the kidney lesion, the blood vessels in the kidney will be expanded, so much more blood will flow to kidney. In addition, Osmotherapy is able to activate those damaged but not necrotic cells. After a period of time, part of kidney function will be recovered and then patients’ overall health will be improved largely. So that the progression of kidney atrophy can be stopped.

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