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Renal Hypertension Is Chinese Medication Really Helpful

2018-03-12 10:55

Renal Hypertension Is Chinese Medication Really HelpfulMany kidney disease patients will be troubled by renal hypertension which in turn will aggravate the kidney conditions. Usually, the hypertension drugs do not work well as we expected. And thus, is Chinese medicine really helpful for controlling renal hypertension?

Renal hypertension is the elevated blood pressure caused by the kidney damage. You know, high blood pressure is very harmful for heart, kidney, brains and other organs and tissues by injuring the blood vessels throughout the body. So it is necessary to make it under the normal level.

Talking of the Chinese medication to renal hypertension, I will introduce Blanda, a chronic kidney disease patient, as an example.

She has suffered from chronic kidney disease for years. And recently day, she found out the blood pressure increased up even if she insisted the conventional drugs and healthy diets. And the doctor told her that she was in stage 3 - 4 stage actually, and that dialysis could be needed in the near future since her creatinine level went up to quite high. But she did not experience it. After chatting with our doctor for several days, she decided to come to our hospital for treatment.

I still remembered the test results at the day she arrived at our hospital, the creatinine was 400+, and blood pressure was 140 over 100. As for the other problems like anemia, dizziness, lack of appetite were both bother her a lot. In the light of her illness condition, our expert group made a comprehensive treatment including certain Chinese medications, special herbs, correct dietotherapy and other remedies. In just a week and half, her blood pressure became normal, and the discomforts were alleviated. Also, the creatinine level and other indexes were approximating to normal. She said that “My blood pressure were never normal, and I am very pleased with the treatment of my blood pressure.”

If you are interested in the specifics of the Chinese medication or suffering from renal hypertension, please leave a message below or send the medical reports to us. We will try our best to help you.


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