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What Cause the Edema And How To Treat It With Reasonable Treatment

2018-07-26 10:19

To most of kidney patients edema is a disease caused by excessive accumulation of water in the interstices of body tissues, which causes swelling of tissues. Edema often occurs in the face and lower limbs. If you stay in bed for a long time, the sacrococcygeal region is also easy to appear it. If edema occurs in the body cavity, it is called hydrops. Hydrops in the chest cavity, hydrops in the abdominal cavity, etc are more common.

It is very simple to check whether you have edema. take the lower limb as an example, press the skin in front of the tibia of the lower leg. if the skin is sunken and cannot bounce quickly, it indicates that there is edema in the lower limb. Edema is often a manifestation of heart, liver, kidney, endocrine system diseases in the whole body, mostly caused by systemic factors, common are: 1. Cardiogenic edema, mostly caused by right heart failure, often occurs as early as the medial malleolus, and is more obvious after movement and generally has symmetry. 2. Nephrogenic edema is mostly caused by various nephritis, nephrosis and other diseases. Patients in the early stage of the disease often find eyelid and facial edema when getting up in the morning, and then develop edema of the whole body. And often accompanied by hematuria, foam urine, etc. 3. Malnutrition edema caused by chronic gastrointestinal diseases and liver diseases is usually accompanied by emaciation. Edema usually starts with the foot and spreads all over the body. In addition, there are liver-derived edema, drug-induced edema, etc.

In addition to systemic factors, thrombophlebitis, local inflammation, trauma, allergies and other local factors may also lead to edema. In short, the vast majority of edema is caused by diseases. Once discovered, it must be paid attention to and treated in a timely manner in a hospital.Edema is common symptoms to kidney patients but it is hard to cure for its complicated reasons ,I suggest you consider the natural treatment with Chinese herbal medicines in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine which is no any side effect to patients and can treat the kidney disease from root, if you are interested in this kind of natural treatment please contact us through the following message:


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