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The Renal Insufficiency Can Cause the Prematured White Hair

2018-09-06 10:39  To most persons the white hair is obviously caused by the poor kidney function.Early graying of hair and beard refers to the symptom of premature graying of hair in teenagers or middle age. The symptom is called ” prematured white hair”.

A small amount of white hair is seen in middle age and white hair is seen in old age, which is a normal physiological phenomenon. Vitiligo and other skin diseases were born in the hair, and the hair in the spots turned white. All these are beyond the scope of this disease.

Liver and kidney deficiency casuing early white hair and beard; The hair of beard and hair gradually went from gray to white. Some of them fell off thinly, or dizziness, tinnitus and heavy hearing, soreness of waist and knees, frequent urination at night, dark and red tongue, and deep and weak pulse.

Early white hair and beard due to deficiency of blood in the Nutrition; The hair is mostly gray, the scalp has white crumbs falling off, or the body is thin, palpitation and vexation, insomnia and dreaminess, memory loss, red tongue, and rapid pulse.

Liver depression and qi stagnation cause premature white hair; If the hair of the beard suddenly turned white in a large amount in a short period of time, that means the mood is depressed. The chest and hypochondrium are full of tightness. Upset and irritable, poor appetite, the tongue is red the pulse is rapid.

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