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What Precaution should Take in Food for Patient with Diabetic Nephropathy

2014-08-07 07:17

The creatinine level of my husband is 1.7 and have high blood pressure and Diabetes but now both of them are under control. He also has some heart problem and some time he suffer from edema in foot and abdomen. Then I give him laisic tablet 20 mg twice or thrice a week,he is on insulin now. So i want to know what precaution i should take in food.

The above is a question from our patient, from the information she said, we know that her husband are suffering from Diabetic Nephropathy induced by long-term Diabetes and high blood pressure. In this condition, the disease can not be prevent only by diet, so a proper treatment is necessary. But from the creatinine level 1.7 we know that he is in the early stage of this disease, so that means the diet can help to relieve symptoms caused by this disease. Experts said that people with Diabetic Nephropathy should keep a low salt, low protein, low potassium and low sugar foods, the best thing is to make a diet plan with the help of the nutritionist.

As we mentioned above, in this stage a proper treatment is necessary and plays an important role in curing this disease. A fit diet can help to avoid further damage to your kidney and a proper and timely therapy can help you get free from the disease. After yeas of research and experience, experts in our hospital have invented some effective therapies in curing Chronic Kidney Disease, including Diabetic Nephropathy. If you want to know more informations about them, you can leave messages or consult our online doctor.

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