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Apple Cider Vinegar for People with Diabetes and Stage 3 CKD

2014-02-09 07:49

Apple Cider Vinegar for People with Diabetes and Stage 3 CKDDiabetes is a common disease among people and it is also a main cause of chronic kidney disease (CKD), and stage 3 CKD means the kidneys have been damaged moderately. In this condition, people need to pay attention to their daily diet, which can help slow down the progression of kidney failure. Then can apple cider vinegar good for people with diabetes and stage 3 CKD?

The answer is certainly yes. Since apple cider vinegar is often regarded as a natural and healthy remedy and it has functions of anti-bacterial properties. People with diabetes and stage 3 CKD can benefits from apple cider vinegar from these aspects as follows:

- Lower high blood sugar

For people with diabetes and stage 3 CKD, apple cider vinegar will be beneficial for them to lower their high blood sugar. They can take two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar can help reduce blood sugar level instantaneously and suppress the spike in blood sugar levels.

- Lower fat levels

Apple cider vinegar can also help lower fat levels through suppressing the fat accumulation and increasing good cholesterol levels in body, and the well controlled fat level can also help diabetes patients to control their illness better, which can help reduce the high risk of cardiovascular diseases.

- Helpful for kidney disease

Apple cider vinegar can be regarded as a natural dietary supplement for stage 3 CKD patients, which can help balance the Ph levels in body through breaking down fatty deposits and helping urine from being too alkaline. In this process, it will be helpful for the kidney disease.

Above are the common benefits of taking apple cider vinegar for people with diabetes and stage 3 CKD. However, as the illness condition is different from case to case, so no matter what foods or drinks before kidney disease patients taking, they should first ask the advices of their doctors, which will be more safety and reduce the possible risk of kidney damage.

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