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Diet for Diabetic Nephropathy Patients with Dialysis

2014-01-06 06:44

Diet for Diabetic Nephropathy Patients with DialysisDo you know the diet for Diabetic nephropathy patients with dialysis? As we know, high blood pressure and diabetes are the most two common leading causes of kidney disease. When diabetes cause kidney damage, the disease is called diabetic nephropathy. The diabetic nephropathy will cause kidney failure, and even cause end stage kidney failure. When diabetic patients develop into end stage kidney failure, they will need to have dialysis to relieve their illness.

Dialysis is a common and general treatment for end stage kidney failure patients, which will help filter the wastes and excess fluid out from the blood. Besides, the dialysis will also leak out some nutrition and elements out, so diabetic patients should also keep a reasonable diet when they are on dialysis to supply their nutrition.

- low potassium diet

Potassium has the function of regulating the heart beat, which will help keep the heart healthy. Once the potassium level is higher than the normal level in body, it will cause heart problems or even death. When patients are in dialysis, their potassium will also be higher, so they need to keep a low-potassium level, which will help them get rid of the threaten of heart problems. Diabetic patients should limit the fruits and vegetables which are high in potassium.

- low phosphorus diet

Similar with potassium, the excess phosphorus is also filtered out by kidneys. When the kidneys fail to work, the phosphorus will build up in blood, and the high phosphorus level will remove the calcium from bones, which will cause bone problems. So diabetic patients with dialysis should also keep a low phosphorus level. Diabetic patients should be far away with cola products, which are high in sugar and have no nutrients.

- low sugar diet

For dialysis patients, they need to keep a high-calorie diet. However, for diabetic patients, they need to avoid the foods which are high in sugar, though high sugar foods are always high in calorie. Diabetic patients with dialysis should measure the amount of calories they intake, and forbid the high sugar foods.

- low sodium diet

For kidney failure patients, they often the symptom of swelling. In order to remit the swelling, they need to keep a low salt diet, which will help the fluid retention. Besides, dialysis patients should also limit their fluid intake, which will help control the high blood pressure.

- high protein diet

For kidney failure patients, they often recommend to keep a low protein diet, which will help reduce the kidney burden, however, for diabetic patients who have dialysis, they need to keep a high protein diet, as the protein will be leak out through a dialysis, which will make people sick. So patients need to keep a high protein diet to supply their nutrition.


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