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What are the Causes and Treatment of Insomnia in Diabetic Nephropathy

2015-10-28 15:15

What are the Causes and Treatment of Insomnia in Diabetic NephropathyWhat are the causes and treatment of insomnia in diabetic nephropathy ? Due to the decrease in renal function, many toxins accumulate in the body, damage the brain and nervous system of the patient. At this point, the patient may appear phenomena such as headache, dizziness, at this time the patient has insomnia phenomenon. Another is the fact that patients with diabetic nephropathy have feelings of anxiety, which can also affect patients with sleep.

How to treat insomnia in diabetic nephropathy ?

1. Patients with diabetic nephropathy are necessary to establish a proper system of life, work, study and rest to reduce insomnia.

2. Neurasthenia patients in terms of diet should pay particular attention to the following nutritious food for the brain, such as tea, lotus seeds, Semen porridge to promote sleep. Weekdays drink warm water to sleep, do not stay up late, avoid to eat light, fried food barbecue and spicy food,

3. Patients should first set a good attitude, as everyone knows that the disease and death are inevitable. Suffering from the disease should be treated properly, maintain a positive attitude to life, to have the confidence to overcome the disease.

4. Regular exercise

After the patient's condition got relief, the patient may be appropriate exercises, such as walking, qigong, tai chi and so on. If increased physical activity, sleep quality will increase correspondingly.

5. Massage Health

There are several ways to sleep very good, such as massage of the head, to comb gently and repeatedly scratched his head and neck are helpful for purifying the blood.

6. Foot bath

Foot bath with hot water for about half an hour to maintain the temperature of the water, and then walk down the Yongquan rub repeatedly also is helpful for promoting sleep quality.

However, all those methods we mentioned above just can relieve insomnia in a short time, can not solve it from its root. If you want to get this disease treated you should get the systematic treatment timely.

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