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Harms And Complications of Diabetes

2018-07-05 09:30

Nowadays the diabetes has become the worldwode epidemic, more and more people are influenced by the diabetes and live the poor life quality.Then we must know the risk and complications of diabetes,then we can do more precaution to avoid it or improve it.

The harm of diabetes

1. Increase in economic burden (long-term medication)

2. Physiological hazards (causing numerous complications)

3, heart damage. Diabetes is a life-long disease with acute and chronic disease.

Acute and chronic complications of diabetes

Only 1/3 of patients in our country can get treatment, and the other 2/3 can't get regular treatment or can't get any treatment at all. The incidence of diabetes is very high, seriously affecting the quality of life of patients. However, some patients in their 80s had diabetes for more than 30 years but no obvious complications. They only regularly adjusted their medications. This shows that although diabetes can not be cured, it can control complications and prevention. Diabetes patients must fight a long battle, use knowledge to defeat diabetes, and it is not terrible to have diabetes. It is terrible to suffer from complications. It has acute and chronic complications.

1, acute complications Diabetic ketoacidosis lactic acidosis hyperosmotic syndrome (elderly) hypoglycemia with infection.

2. Chronic complications can involve multiple organs.

(1) Infringe to the brain: Can cause cerebral infarction.

(2) Invasion to cardiovascular: Can cause high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction. The main cause of death and disability or economic loss in patients with cardiovascular disease.

(3) Involved the kidneys: Can cause diabetic nephropathy, and ultimately can cause kidney failure (that is, uremia everyone knows that the kidney is the body's excretory organ, once it is broken, the urine does not come out) can only rely on dialysis to maintain life, and that is not just a crime The cost is also great.

(4) Eyes: Can cause glaucoma, cataracts, blurred vision can not see things. Patients with more than 20 years of disease have varying degrees of retinopathy, and retinopathy is the leading cause of blindness in diabetes.

(5) Peripheral neuropathy: Can cause numbness of hands and feet, tingling sensation, there is a feeling of crawling on the body or there is a step on the foot cotton pad feeling.

(6) Diabetic foot: It is bad foot. Thousands of miles begins with a single step. Once people lose their feet, it means that daily life is difficult to take care of. There is a deeper understanding of this point than patients who are amputated due to diabetic foot. Do not underestimate a needle eye, a small wound, and athlete's foot .

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