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Diabetic Nephropathy Can Be Reflected By the Skin Manifestations

2018-07-13 10:26

When you have some discomforts and doubt something wrong with your kidney, from the skin manifestations you can understand something about your kidney condition, and the following we will discuss these situation about the skin manifestations and kidney problem.

The skin and kidneys are the metabolic tissues of our body. They have a certain degree of connection. Diabetic patients and certain abnormal skin conditions may, to some extent, indicate diabetic nephropathy. Skin manifestations suggest diabetic nephropathy

First, the diagnosis of diabetic nephropathy can be based on the appearance of erythema on the skin. Patients with diabetic nephropathy generally have traumatic blisters. The wall is very thin, and it contains a transparent slurry with no blush around it. According to the nephrologists, erythema usually appears on the back or bottom edge of the fingers, toes, and hands and feet. It can appear as single or multiple lesions, and can heal itself within weeks, but it will appear repeatedly.

Second, patients with diabetic nephropathy generally have pruritus. Nephrologists pointed out that many patients with diabetic nephropathy will appear dry or desquamated systemic or local, itching unbearable, especially in women with vaginal itching, so patients should pay more attention.

Third, diabetic nephropathy can be diagnosed by daily sweating. Diabetic nephropathy patients usually have abnormal sweating, such as frequent sweating for no reason, and more common in the upper limbs or trunk, and some patients even experienced the phenomenon of sweating profusely.

Fourth, folliculitis in the neck area is also one of the symptoms of diabetic nephropathy. Patients with diabetic nephropathy develop pus-like phlegm-like inflammation in the occipital region of the back of the neck, with tenderness, and may develop into lice or cellulitis. The pus can heal itself after it is discharged, but it will relapse soon afterwards.

Fifth, diabetic nephropathy can be revealed through necrosis of the foot. Diabetic nephropathy patients often have foot pain, feeling cold, dry and easily cracked, prone to ulcers, suppuration, necrosis, and difficult to heal, or even foot perforation.

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