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What Is the Main Reason Of Diabetic Nephropathy And How To Deal It

2018-07-16 08:34

To the diabetic nephropathy,many persons are confused with it and don’t know the relation of diabetes and nephropathy. Diabetes and uremia have a certain origin, because once severe diabetic nephropathy occurs, uremia may occur.

First point: What is the reason of diabetic nephropathy?

Diabetic nephropathy is often caused by the long-term diabetes,for the diabetes patients cannot control their blood sugar,that will lead to the high viscosity of blood to influence the blood circulation,more and more wastes will deposit in the blood wall,that can aggravate the patient’s condition. With the poor blood circulation the kidney glomeruli will be lack of oxygen and nutrients and become necrotic gradually,that lead to the renal function decline.It is a slow progress, and appears the early micro-proteinuria, and then develops into continuous proteinuria, but patients with no obvious symptoms, some patients may show more urine foam.

As the kidney damage is further aggravated, kidney function will be impaired badly, the symptoms are the increasing serum creatinine, rising urea nitrogen, feeling nausea and vomiting. The renal hypertension, and edema will gradually appear. Eventually, the disease progresses to the late stage, with severe renal failure, uremia, and the patients have to accept the hemodialysis or kidney transplantation treatment to relieve their condition.That is one of the main causes of death to the diabetic patients.

Second point: What are the predisposing factors of diabetic nephropathy?

Diabetic nephropathies are kidney damage caused by hyperglycemia. Lesions can affect the entire kidney, including glomeruli, renal tubules, interstitial renal tissue, and renal blood vessels.The main cause of diabetic nephropathy in diabetic patients is poor glycemic control. Long-term hyperglycemia damages microvessels and affects kidney function.

In addition to high blood sugar, there will be other factors. Such as: Lipid disorders can damage the glomerulus and increase proteinuria; In hypertension, renal vascular resistance increases, kidney blood flow decreases, resulting in glomerular hypertension; The presence of high glomerular pressure will promote glomerulosclerosis and cause proteinuria. A high-protein diet can significantly increase glomerular blood flow, exacerbating kidney damage and aggravating proteinuria.Thus the diabetic nephropathy is more serious than other common nephropathy, and the patients must pay attention to their condition development. But at present there is no any effective treatment for the patients, only taking some antidiabetic medicines or as the condition progresses to the end stage of kidney disease they accept the hemodialysis or kidney transplant,but that can not improve the kidney function and repair the damaged kidney cells, then the complications often occur in the diabetic patients.

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