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What Kinds of Tests For Diabetes And Reasonable Treatment For It

2018-08-04 09:45

To most diabetes patients they must take good care of their diet firstly,and accept some reasonable treatment to control the blood glucose normally in their daily life.But only accept the treatment is not enough to their condition,they must do the regular test every certain interval time,the following i will show you the corresponding tests about the diabetes.

Function test of Langerhans;

1. C peptide release test: The C peptide is directly proportional to the amount of endogenous insulin produced. The significance of this test is the same as that of the insulin release test.

2. Microalbuminuria ( MALB): In early diabetic nephropathy, urine protein tested in general is often negative and it is easy to be ignored. When protein or other abnormalities occur in urine, kidney diseasemutations cannot be reversed. If MALB in urine exceeds 30 mg / 24 hours, or 20 g / min, it indicates early renal damage.

3. Insulin release test: The normal fasting insulin value was 5 – 15 μ iu / ml, increased to 5 – 10 times of fasting insulin one hour after taking sugar, and returned to fasting level three hours later. The insulin secretion of type I diabetes patients is seriously deficient and there is no obvious increase in insulin value after meals. The fasting insulin level in the early stage of type ii diabetes may be slightly higher or normal. Late stage is often reduced, and the peak of insulin secretion after meals is delayed for 2 – 3 hours.

4. Hemorheology examination: The urine ketone body test was only used as a screening test because of its poor accuracy. A reliable test is to determine the content of β -hydroxybutyric acid in blood, which exceeds 0.5 mmol / l, suggesting diabetic ketoacidosis.

5. immunological examination: Including glutamic acid hydroxylase antibody ( gada ), islet cell antibody ( I – CA ) and insulin autoantibody ( IAA ), etc. It is mainly used for the typing of diabetes. The tests of these three antibodies were negative in normal people and type 2 diabetes patients, but most of them were positive in type 1 diabetes patients. Among them, GADA is the most valuable.

From the comments about the tests above many patients will know how to test their function of Langerhans,for another hands the reasonable treatment is very necessary to help you improve the Langerhans function,then more and more diabetes patients come to Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine to accept the natural treatment with Chinese herbal medicine,if you have any questions about diabetes or want to know more information about the natural treatment ,please contact us through the following:

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