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Diabetic Nephropathy with High Blood Pressure Can It be Treated

2015-07-07 17:36

Diabetic Nephropathy with High Blood Pressure Can It be TreatedDiabetic Nephropathy with high blood pressure can it be treated ? You know hypertension and diabetes are very bad for kidney disease, so as a Diabetic Nephropathy patient you should pay high attention to them.

As to diabetes it mainly damage blood capillaries within kidneys. Diabetes will cause large amount of glycosylated substance and lipid toxic things deposited in the kidneys. It will cause inflammation in the kidneys and gradually damage the kidney function.

The hypertension can make the kidney get thrombus. The cell wall thickening and formed immune complex.

To be frankly, medicines are right for relieving the complications, but they are far from enough to treat this disease. Because kidney disease caused by kidney cells damaged. These medicines can not repair the damaged kidney cells, they just can relieve the condition.

Being a doctor, we do want to help patients to improve their physical condition without hemodialysis, which will bring many side-effects while relieving the symptoms. In fact, as long as the patients have not develop into dialysis stage, they will have a big chance to cure their disease, and to let the damaged renal function start function well, at the same time, we can help them improve the damaged intrinsic cells in kidney, and the high creatinine level will be going down naturly, thus achieving a goal of treating his renal disease.

In general, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy as one of the most famous and effective therapies of kidney disease it will be used for treating this disease, if you want to know more information about this therapy, you can read this article Diabetic Nephropathy Healed, I Can Enjoy the Pleasure of Walking

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