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Creatinine 435 with Protein Urine: How to Remove these for a Diabetic Nephropathy Patient

2017-02-22 16:52

With the rapidly changed pace of life, an increasing number of people working in the modern society start to pay more attention on their body health due to unhealthy eating habit. That is why more and more people are diagnosed as some kidney diseases. While diabetic nephropathy is one of common kidney disease resulting from perennial diabetes. Increasingly changed creatinine level and protein urine are focused on lot of people under the same condition. Therefore, they are wondering to know how to remove these for a diabetic nephropathy patient. In the following article, the author with a renal doctor will help you deal with the problem.

Before talking about how to reduce creatinine and protein urine, there are several things you should understand. In the first place, what is the primary reason leading to high creatinine and protein urine. As a matter of fact, our kidney plays a indispensable role in maintaining everyday about 40-50 percent blood purification and generating urine so as to exclude small- element toxins. Once our kidney has been damaged due to several reasons, it is unable to exclude toxins as it used to do. So creatinine level goes up, urine appears protein.

The doctor from Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine suggests kidney disease patients eliminating toxins firstly, in order to offer a healthy internal environment for further treatments.

One of therapies about cleaning toxins is Toxins-Removing Treatment. It has widely used in helping a great number of kidney disease patients reduce creatinine and protein. It combines Hot Compress Therapy, Foot Bath and Enema, well operated in cleaning harmful substances. From this way, renal function can regain to work.

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