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What is the Normal Life Expectancy Once Dialysis is Stopped

2014-09-11 02:12

What is the Normal Life Expectancy Once Dialysis is Stopped  By helping kidneys to discharge the wastes and toxins, Dialysis can help people to live longer and better. While if a person who are undergoing it choose to stop it suddenly that may threaten their life, one may lose his life in one month, if serious, one or two week is possible. But there are many factors can affect the living time, so no one can tell you the exact life expectancy once dialysis is stooped.

Experts said that in now days, dialysis is not the only way to relive the pains bring by the disease.

Dialysis is just one of the most common cure methods for the treatment of Kidney Failure, due to its side effects many people can not stand it after a period of treatment, so they want to stop it. In order to help more people get rid of it, doctors bring Chinese Medicine into the treatment. At the beginning, people found that it can help to ease the side effects of the dialysis. With the times going, people found that it has remarkable effect in curing this disease, so based in traditional Chinese Medicine, they invented a series unique therapies to replace dialysis. With the help of them, some patient with slight kidney disease has get recovery. For patients who are on dialysis, it also can help to relieve the symptoms of it and prolong the life expectancy, if your disease is not very serious, you may have a chance to get rid of it gradually.

Now you know that if patient quit dialysis that not mean the only thing they can do is waiting, the life expectancy can be prolonged with the help of Chinese Medicine. If you have any questions in curing your disease, you can email us or live messages to us. Our email: kidney-treatment@hotmail.com

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