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How Much Creatinine can Dialysis Remove

2014-09-24 14:38

Dialysis as the most common ways to lower high creatinine level is used widely around the world, but few people knows how much creatinine it can remove, that is because the volume of creatinine is not unstable. But no matter how, you should insist adequate dialysis, that is helpful to your disease. If you clear too much creatinine in one time, it will induce many kinds of side effects.

As we all know creatinine is a kind of waste produced by muscle metabolism, so as long as you have muscle sports, the creatinine level will increase. So it is hard to calculate the discharged volume of it by dialysis, but according to the reflection after dialysis, you can know whether you’ve got adequate dialysis or not. If your condition goes worse than previous that means you may not get adequate dialysis. So you know that dialysis is important, the adequate dialysis is more important, so do insist it.

In our days, there are some new ways to lower the high creatinine level as a kind of alternative therapies of dialysis, which are based on Chinese Herb Medicine. The top seven treatment are Hot Compress Therapy, Foot Bath Therapy, Full Bath Therapy, Cycle Therapy, Enema Therapy, Moxibustion Therapy, Oral Chinese Medicine Therapy. During the treatment, they can be combined together according to the patient’s disease condition.

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