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What is Adequate Dialysis for People with ESRD

2014-10-27 17:34

What is Adequate Dialysis for People with ESRDUsually, doctors always recommend people with Kidney Failure to take dialysis and emphasize the importance of adequate dialysis. Most of people know that adequate dialysis is important for them to live longer but few of them know what is it, then what is adequate dialysis for people with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) ?

In fact, different disease condition need different time to ensure adequate dialysis. Doctors will decide it according to the patient’s own condition. For people with more than 800ml urine volume for each day, that indicate there are remaining more than 8ml/min kidney function, they need to take 10-12 hours for each week. If the urine volume is less than 800ml/day, they need to take 12-15 hours for each week, three times is better. For people who have no urine (that means no residual kidney function left), they need to take longer time to reach adequate dialysis, 3 times per week, 4-5 hours per time is in need.

If people can not get adequate dialysis, the wastes and toxins in blood can not be excreted totally, so that will induce some complications, which will affect the patient’s life quality greatly, even, increase the infection rate, that will make the disease more complex. So adequate dialysis is really important for people with ESRD.

In one word, adequate dialysis is the key point to improve the patient’s life quality before they get other alternative therapy or kidney transplant. So remember to communicate with your doctor timely, that can assure you to have a quality life.

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