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Once You Start Kidney Dialysis Can You Stop

2013-09-26 11:14

Once You Start Kidney Dialysis Can You StopOnce you start kidney dialysis can you stop? This is a commonly asked question among kidney failure patients. Dialysis is needed when large amounts of toxins build up in the blood, as if these harmful are not removed timely and effectively, other internal organs will be in the danger of being damaged. However, many kidney failure patients hesitate to do dialysis when they are in that case, as it is said once one starts kidney dialysis, he has to do it repeatedly until the end of life or find a matched kidney. Is this true? Is there any alternative treatment for kidney failure apart from kidney dialysis?

Kidney dialysis is the most direct way to purify blood and sustain patients’ life. It works effectively and quickly, but this does not mean there is no chance for patients to get off dialysis once they start to do it.

Kidney is an important organ with multiple functions. It is composed of different kinds of kidney intrinsic cells like glomerular mesangial cell, glomerular epithelial cell and so on. For one who is suggested to start dialysis, there are healthy, injured and necrotic kidney intrinsic cells in the kidney. For these necrotic intrinsic cells, they can not be revived to work again, but for these which are injured mildly, they can be repaired effectively by activating and strengthening their self-curative ability. When much more kidney cells to perform function, kidney function is improved greatly and also patients’ chance to get off dialysis is increased greatly.

As for the treatment that can repair injured kidney intrinsic cells, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is suggested. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is based on Chinese herbs which are externally used together. These herbs have function of expanding blood vessels, blocking inflammation, preventing coagulation and degradating extracellular matrixes. With these benefits, injured kidney cells can be repaired effectively. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy causes no side effects or discomforts, so it is more preferable compared with many steroid medicines. Besides, although Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is helpful for improving kidney function, it is not available for patients who still have urine output. For dialysis patients, if they receive this treatment, even if they can not get off dialysis finally, their dialysis frequency can be reduced successfully.

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