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Darker Skin after Dialysis What are the Causes and How to Deal with It

2015-05-16 17:28

Darker Skin after Dialysis What are the Causes and How to Deal with ItDarker skin in dialysis what are the causes and how to deal with it ? In general, dialysis patient will experience kinds of symptoms and complications, darker skin is one of them.

What are the causes of darker skin after dialysis ?

Pigmentary disorder is one of the mainly causes of darker skin in dialysis patient. As we all know, dialysis is required when kidneys fail to discharge the wastes produced in the body, so for dialysis patients, their kidney function must have been impaired severely. Under such a condition, they are easily to suffer from pigmentary disorder which can cause dark skin or yellow skin directly. Pigmentary changes to the skin are very common for ESRD patients or dialysis patients and it is said about 25-70% of dialysis patients are affected to some degree. Also, the incidence of this problem increases with the duration of kidney disease.

How to deal with the darker skin in dialysis patient ?

Knowing the causes of this problem is helpful for dealing it. As we mentioned above, darker skin is caused by impaired kidney function, so if we want to get these symptoms remitted radically, we must repair kidney damages to improve kidney function. Only in this way, can they receive permanent treatment effects.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy as one of the innovation of traditional Chinese herb medicine, it can improve the kidney function greatly and can be used as an assitant therapy of dialysis to relieve the side-effects caused by it.

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