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How to Alleviate Itching Skin for Dialysis Patients

2017-06-16 10:06

How to Alleviate Itching Skin for Dialysis PatientsItching skin is a skin disorder, with which the patients will have lots of discomforts in daily life. While, how to alleviate itching skin for dialysis patients?

Dialysis is a technology to filter the blood by a medical machine for kidney disease patients. It can help the patients remit the symptoms and prolong life by ejecting the deposited harmful things. In fact, itching skin is a complication of dialysis. So that, if we can get rid of dialysis, the itching skin will be eased.

And then, how to refuse the dialysis?

If the renal function is improved over 16%, there is no need of dialysis, and it it can rise up to 50%, the patients can live a normal life.

Therefore, what treatment can help the patients to increase the renal function?

Toxin-Removing Therapy.

It is born of traditional Chinese medicine which is to help the patients drive out all the undesired things from body. Compared with dialysis, Toxin-Removing Therapy has less adverse reactions, can stop the damage of the kidney and offer a beneficial surrounding for the kidney to get well.

Full Bath Therapy.

It can help the patients to carry out the toxins and promote the kidney to regain by using the Chinese medicine fluid to bath the patients’ foot. It is a handier, more effective and safer treatment to remit the itching skin for dialysis patients.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.

In the treatment, the special herbs from nature will be applied to help the patients activate the inherent cells of the kidney and enhance the kidney self-recovery ability. And thus, the renal function will be improved bit by bit. It is able to help the patients to extend the period of dialysis, even to avoid dialysis.

When the kidney is restored, the dialysis is not in need, the itching skin will fade away, and the patient will have a better life.

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