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How to Alleviate Muscle Cramp for Dialysis Patients

2017-06-23 15:27

How to Alleviate Muscle Cramp for Dialysis PatientsDialysis is commonly used to help the patients clean up the toxins by a treatment machine, though it can lead to itching skin, muscle cramp, less renal function and other complication. And then, how to alleviate muscle cramp for dialysis patients?

As we all know, the kidney is the major organ in the body to eliminate the harmful things. When it is injured, the excess water, toxins, wastes and other things will be retained in the body. In this case, series of the symptoms will appear and the patients even have the risk of life. Therefore, the patients will be suggested doing dialysis.

According to these above, if we can improve the renal function, undesired substances will be ejected from body by the kidney, the dialysis is not in need, and the muscle cramp will disappear.

So, what treatment can help the patients increase the renal function?

Full Bath Therapy.

During the treatment, the patients should bath their whole body with Chinese medicine soup. The poisons will be carried out though the skin and the kidney will begin to restore as the effective materials permeate into body. With the treatment, the muscle cramp will be eased.

Toxin-Removing Therapy.

It has a great effect on avoiding all the baleful things hidden in the body. By this way, the kidney will be stopped from damaging and a healthy surrounding which is beneficial for the kidney to regain will come out. The dialysis can be replaced to some degree, and the muscle cramp will be remitted.


As the immune system is woken up, the immunity will be strengthened. That is to say, the patients will have less chances to get ill with the infection or cold. In addition, the redundant immune complexes and complements in the blood, inflammations of the kidney will be dispelled. In the meanwhile, the kidney self-recovery ability will be enhanced. Later, the cycle of dialysis can be extended or refused, the muscle cramp will fade away.

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